Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bowl eligibility to remain at six wins

Football bowl eligibility is likely staying at 6 wins
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College football plans to keep 6-6 records, not 7-5, the benchmark to qualify for a bowl once a four-team playoff starts in 2014.
Last winter, conference commissioners discussed increasing bowl-eligibility standards, a change that would kill some of the 35 postseason games. The status quo seems to have won.
"I see it staying at 6-6 for the foreseeable future," said Wright Waters, the new executive director of the Football Bowl Association. "When commissioners went back to their conferences, they found out there's an awful lot of support for 6-6. That's 35 athletic directors who get an early jump on selling season tickets and 35 coaches who are talking to recruits about winning a bowl game."
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College football is the second most popular sport, trailing on the NFL in fan following and TV marketability. While there have been some serious ho-hummers between 6-6 teams in tiny bowls with tiny attendance figures, it's still a valuable inventory and the real powers that be--the presidents and chancellors--understand that.

When you have a valuable inventory that you know people will buy, you do not remove it from the marketplace. You package it and sell it for the best price you can get while giving your players an opportunity to play a team they rarely face, in a venue they may never get to play in again.


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