Monday, May 14, 2012

Trent Richardson is insatiable

image Big Helmet Tap to for unearthing this gem of a story about former Alabama RB Trent Richardson’s drive to succeed in the Cleveland Browns’ rookie training camp.

For Richardson, perception of greatness isn’t enough. He also takes the recent criticism of former Browns’ great Jim Brown to heart, knowing that if he’s going to be compared to one of the most beloved players in Cleveland’s storied football history, he’s got work to do.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t already impressed his teammates, or shown them what he showed his former teammates in Tuscaloosa.


“Jim Brown is an icon and you can always look up to him. He is one of the best at what he did and what we still do in this game. To be compared to him and to be on the same team, it’s big for me. For him to say [I’m ordinary], that’s big for me, too, because it tells me I’ve still gotta work, and I haven’t proved anything yet. I haven’t stepped a foot on the football field in a game, so I’ve still got a lot to prove.”

Richardson doesn’t seem the least bit ordinary to his new teammates or coaches, who got to work with him for the first time this weekend. It’s difficult to judge a running back when players aren’t practicing in pads and hitting, but Richardson still left quite an impression.

“Just look at him,” said quarterback Brandon Weeden, whom the Browns drafted 22nd overall. “Whatever he is – 5-10, 275 pounds and he’s 2 percent body fat – he’s a freak. He’s got a special ability when the ball’s in his hands. You can tell when you hand it to him, he takes it from you. He runs hard, and I’m really anxious to see him when he puts the pads on.”

Ok, Richardson really isn’t 275 lbs of human freight train. It just feels like it when you’re trying to tackle him or get off of one his blocks. Assuming—heroically, of course—that the Browns can assemble a decent offensive line for Richardson and Weeden to work behind, it’s only a matter of time before Browns’ highlight reels begin to start looking a lot like this one:

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