Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Red Meat: Athlon Sports Ranks SEC Head Coaches

image This should get people talking. Athlon Sports has been ranking the BCS conferences’ coaches and today turned its attention to the men leading the Southeastern Conference programs. There’s not much debate about who No. 1 is. Saban will occupy this spot until he decides to take his time and talents to Lake Burton.

Where the real red meat is found lies in how his competitors stack up.

Here’s the list, from top to bottom. Go visit the original article for the reasoning behind the rankings.

  1. Nick Saban, Alabama
  2. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas
  3. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
  4. Mark Richt, Georgia
  5. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
  6. Les Miles, LSU
  7. Gary Pinkel, Missouri
  8. James Franklin, Vanderbilt
  9. Gene Chizik, Auburn
  10. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M
  11. Will Muschamp, Florida
  12. Derek Dooley, Tennessee
  13. Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
  14. Joker Phillips, Kentucky

Dan Mullen ranks ahead of Les Miles. James Franklin ranks ahead of Gene Chizik. Gary Pinkel ranks above all four of the above and hasn’t coached a down in the league yet. Steve Spurrier ranks ahead of Mark Richt, despite the former having failed to win an SEC title at his new school.

Exit Question: Would this list serve as a measure of relative seat hotness?


Anonymous said...

Athlon is obviously another REC conspirator.

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