Monday, April 9, 2012

Photographic evidence that Bobby Petrino may have lied about his accident

CSI FOTP: Bobby Petrino is Full of So Much ****
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The FOTP crime scene investigation unit has a long standing reputation for getting to the bottom of some of the SEC's more infamous scandals, so it was only natural that I make the trip over to Fayetteville to get to the bottom of what really happened in the Bobby Petrino motorcycle crash.

The police report of the incident is fairly cut and dry, as you can see.  Petrino was heading west in the westbound lane of Highway 16 when he lost control of his bike and skidded into a pile of limbs and dirt along the side of the road.  The report describes the crash site as being just east of Crosses, Ark* (about 25 miles East of Fayetteville).  The road is described as two lanes with "improved shoulders".  The stretch of road in question is identified as straight with a noticeable decline.  So, a fairly routine description of the scene all around.   My visit to the site fills in some of the details that the police report didn't entirely cover.

In the police report, Petrino claims that he was blinded by the setting sun (it was 6:30ish when all of this went down) and that is what caused him to veer from the road, lose control of the bike, and crash it into the above featured pile of sticks and whatnot.  This a convenient explanation for all of this.  This is an explanation that seems totally plausible given the fact that the police report explains that he was traveling west in the westbound lane, and thus one would assume that the sun might be in one’s eyes at that time of day.

Go get the full "CSI" report here at Friends of the Program.

There's enough evidence here to show that Petrino either wasn't being honest about the details of his accident or that (at best) his memory was a little fuzzy when he was interviewed by Arkansas State Police.

Petrino is currently serving a "administrative leave" suspension while Athletic Director Jeff Long decides whether to keep the promising-but-ethically-challenged coach or dismiss him for cause.


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