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Mark Barron compares Alabama to NFL

Newest Bucs, Barron And Martin, Introduced
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Mark Barron commenting on coming from Alabama to the NFL:
“Coming from the program I come from it is just kind of the mindset we have. We want to be the best at everything we do. You just go out and work for it and everyday at practice we work at being the best at what we do. I think that will carry over with that mindset. The way we did things at Alabama I think will make it an easy transition for me to come in and make an impact early. I think I will be able to bring the mindset of winning and wanting to be the best.”

Barron commenting on if he thought the Cowboys might take him:
“Yeah I was kind of thinking they (Cowboys) might try and get me. I wasn’t sure. The last few days things got kind of crazy and lot of people were talking about different things. So I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen. I thought they might try and get me. But I’m glad I ended up where I am.”

Barron when asked what his nickname was:
“I don’t really have nickname. Probably something about hitting. I’m sure there are a few out there. But I don’t have one popular nickname.”

Barron on how winning two national titles at 'Bama prepared him for the NFL:
“Everything we did, it was run like an NFL organization, so. Everything from the way we worked out to the way we practiced to the way we ran meetings it was pretty much like the way the guys in the NFL do it, so I think that will help me transition easy and help me come in and have an early impact.”

Barron talking about other positions he played before safety:
“I actually wasn't a full-time safety until I got to Alabama. Before that I played mostly offense up until my senior year, when we needed some help on defense and so I moved over.”

Barron when asked when he knew it was a position he could excel at:
“Through all my high school career, my coaches always told me I was like a natural safety or a safety period. So once I decided to take that next step I figured I'd be a pretty good safety.”

Barron when asked does the momentum of a game shift with a big hit:
“Guys always get excited when you have that impact on a play. When you have a player like that it kind of makes them play a certain way. So I feel like it makes a big statement because it lets the other team know you are there and you're about business and you're going to give 100 percent on every play. The big hit, I feel like it can change the game pretty good. I did it a few times this year. The thing about a hit is, it lets the other guy know you're coming. And your guys see that and it gets them excited. But the main thing about a hit is – in my opinion – it makes the other guy know how you intend to play.”

Barron when asked where did he think you were going to be drafted:
“Honestly, I wasn't sure. During the week, my names was being mentioned with a lot of different teams so I was kind of all over the place so I really just stopped worrying about it because I knew I wouldn't be able to figure it out. So I just said, let it happen.

Barron commenting when asked if he is better as a free safety or a strong safety:
“In my opinion it doesn't matter. I feel like I can do whatever I need to do. If the team needs me to play strong safety I can play strong safety, if they need me to play free I can play free.”

Martin when asked about his impressions of Mark Barron:
“He had some big hits out there. I'm glad he's on my team.”

Barron when asked about his impressions of Martin:
“I saw him a few times, not too much, but what I saw it seems like he's a fast guy, quick and shifty, so he can be a great asset to a team.”


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