Friday, April 20, 2012

Former Bama QB Andrew Zow Named Montevallo Head Coach

Former Alabama QB Andrew Zow is head football coach at Montevallo High
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Andrew Zow will tell you that he had successes and failures during his career as a quarterback at Alabama.
Zow has accepted a new challenge as the head football coach at Montevallo High School. 

"The up-and-down career I had at Alabama makes me a better man today," the 33-year-old father of three said.

"My career was up and down because I didn't play every year on a fulltime basis. It made me understand being a team player. It made me understand being able to support your team even though you're not on the field." 

Zow has twice run his own business in Birmingham. But each time, he returned to football. 

Thursday, the Shelby County Board of Education approved Zow as a physical education teacher at Montevallo and the head football coach of the Bulldogs.
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In our humble estimation, Zow is one of the best quarterbacks to play at Alabama. He really did have an up and down career through no fault of his own. When he was on the field and in his zone, the Alabama offense was unstoppable.

To this day, there hasn't been a deadlier pump fake than that of Andrew Zow. He could make the entire defense stop dead in their tracks with that pump, then hit a streaking receiver wide open for a first down or more.

Montevallo has them a good'un.


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