Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Mark Ingram looks forward to 2012 season

New Orleans Saints tailback Mark Ingram looks forward to healthy sophomore season 
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New Orleans Saints tailback Mark Ingram is back on his feet. The second-year pro, who is recovering from the toe surgery that ended his rookie season early, broke free from his walking boot last week.

"I've been walking in two shoes for a week now," said Ingram, who made an appearance at the Louisiana SPCA on Friday to promote heartworm protection. "So I'm getting healthy, starting up the rehab process and getting back to 100 percent."

Ingram, who had the tendon repaired in his big toe, said he expects to be full speed in plenty of time for the 2012 season. He should be able to participate at some level when the Saints begin offseason practice sessions in mid-May, but he said he'll be smart and won't rush the rehab process.

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