Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday from the most interesting blog in the world!

I don’t always shop online but when I do, I prefer

Today’s Black Friday and as I write this, millions of Americans are out shopping hot deals and attacking competitors with pepper spray. There’s not much that can’t be had at Amazon at as-good-or-better prices and even if there was, why deal with being shot at or robbed to get to it?

Last year, I got my wife a Kindle and myself a Blu-Ray disc player. Santa brought the rug-rats a WII and all of the games came from Amazon. I’ll be checking things off the list again this year.

If you’re doing any online shopping this year, please consider using the link above or the links shown in the sidebars and banners.

You’ll be getting good stuff, you’ll be getting good prices, you’ll be safe from the Occupy Wal-Mart wackos and you’ll support this blog in a small, but much appreciated way. And, you won’t have to miss a down of football this weekend.

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ColorOfGrey said...

Is this a hoax like the toilet paper thing? 'Cause that kinda took away a lot of what I had read here. I can't tell what's a hoax and what's news and what's just blog fun.

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