Monday, November 21, 2011

US Senate schedules first hearing in wake of Penn State scandal

The Associated Press is reporting that the US Senate has scheduled a congressional hearing in the wake of Penn State child sex abuse scandal:


WASHINGTON -- The Senate has scheduled the first congressional hearing in the wake of the Penn State child abuse scandal.

Three senators announced Monday that a Dec. 13 hearing will examine how well the nation is protecting children from abuse and neglect.

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey requested the hearing by a panel of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski says she hopes it will shed light on prevention and deterrence of child sexual abuse.


Two things of note, here. The first is that the hearing called by the Senate isn't specific to the Penn State case. That is, it's not likely that the same details from the state grand jury indictment and ensuing media coverage will be trotted out all over again. At least not to the detail we've seen crawling over our screens during the weekend's sporting events.

The second is that while this hearing isn't directly connected to the Penn State case, the hearing will almost certainly include officials from the school. 

Last of all, the hearing comes just three days before Penn State is to deliver its answers to the questions posed by NCAA President Mark Emmert in a letter last week. That letter informed the school president that the league was launching its own investigation into potential abuses of NCAA principles covering ethics and institutional control. And, the FBI appears poised to make a federal criminal case out of the allegations surrounding child abuse and an alleged coverup at the school.

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