Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amid threats of violence, Bama fans obtain petition to roll Toomer's Corner

A group of well organized Alabama Crimson Tide fans--miffed over Auburn fans' pranks during last year's Iron Bowl--are apparently determined that should Alabama win Saturday's storied rivalry game, they are rolling Toomer's Corner.

Last year, Auburn fans taped a No. 2 Cam Newton jersey on Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's statue and seeded the grass near Bryant-Denny Stadium with the 28-27 score.

This year, with a very strong 10-1 Alabama team facing a somewhat weakened 7-4 Auburn team, Tide fans are seeking revenge. The internet publicity of fan intent has led to threats of violence and mayhem by Auburn fans, as seen in the message board posts below (click the image for the full resolution version).

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The Alabama fans, led by the Tuscaloosa Chapter of the dreaded Red Elephant Club, anticipated the reaction beforehand and have taken legal steps to prevent any intervention in their planned, peaceful demonstration. They have obtained a permit application for use of the public space and intend to assert their rights under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

"We absolutely intend to exercise our rights as citizens of the United States," said lead organizer Cal Gregory. "The intersection of College and University is public space. We have a right under the US Constitution to peaceably assemble and we have the right of free expression. We don't feel that public officials--be they University or local law enforcement--have the right or the authority to prevent our demonstration. We are not violent and we don't intend to start any trouble. We just want to express our joy and satisfaction after the game, should our team be victorious."

"Mr. Gregory is correct," said a Birmingham civil rights lawyer who has been retained by the Red Elephants in the event city or university officials attempt to deny the permit. "Their actions may come off as obnoxious to some and are likely to offend some people. But these people still absolutely have the right to peaceably assemble and celebrate."

IBCR has obtained a copy of the permit application and has the exclusive:

Saturday night in Auburn should be interesting.

UpdateBar Join BAMS Radio tonight at 8:00 CST for interviews and updates on this developing story. Scheduled to appear (and possibly take your questions) will be Cal Gregory, organizer of the effort.

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wardamnbiochem said...

notice how the permit includes clean-up time...does this mean they can roll as long as it's cleaned up by 8? likely

jrock1979 said...

as a former auburn student and life long fan, I don't have any kind of problem whatsoever with any bama fans that want to roll toomer's. i just think you're gonna look like idiots for taking part in your biggest rival's tradition!

findme said...

Well I had to break it to all the fans here but the date this was applied for was on Sunday the 20th of 2011. It requires a SEVEN day request time table. The department was not open on Sunday the 20th so this app had to be sent in on the 21st. This is just a BS way to upset fans. Surly bama fans are better than this.

Scott said...

"must be submitted 2 weeks prior"


Good work, idiots.

AubTiger34 said...
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gr82banautiger said...

What part of "MUST BE SUBMITTED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT" did you ignorant, pathetic, Alabama fans not understand?

Let's see, two weeks from 11/21/2011 (the first day after it was dated that it could be submitted), would be Dec 6th.

Sorry Alabama, too bad you morons can't count.

AubTiger34 said...

This is a joke and I am not sure why you would post it on this site. This application if to the Auburn park and rec. Toomers corner is city streets and the application would have to go through the City of Auburn. I just got off the phone with both the City of Auburn and Auburn Park and Rec and they said there was no such application and would be no such permit. Nice try mullets. War Eagle..

gr82banautiger said...

Lastly, your article indicates that you believe "Toomer's Corner" is at "The intersection of College and University", which is your fourth and final falacy.

I know your idiot fan base is directionally challenged, but seriously, if you're going to go to the trouble of trying to rile up the opposing fanbase, at least take the 5 seconds to perform a google search, and you'd learn that Toomer's Corner is at the intersection of College Street and MAGNOLIA AVENUE, not University.

You freaking morons just keep showing how stupid you are.

gr82banautiger said...

I guess you morons can roll the Chevron that's at the corner of University and College St. (Here's a hint, that's not Toomer's Corner).

Wow, your ignorance knows no bounds.

CTPBama said...

Why in the world, would we want to roll Toomer's Corner?!! That's not OUR tradition - it's AU's and I can see nothing positive to be gained by it. Show some class and FIRST, let's win the game!

AUEE13 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AUEE13 said...

Bottom right hand corner, guys. Trollface.

Brad said...

This is so stupid. Someone needs to call this Gregory person and let him know he's not going to roll Toomers. It's not a freedom of speech issue and it's just not going to happen. All he's doing is putting the crowd in danger by starting this crap. Just enjoy the win, if you win and go home. Don't let your stupidity cause stupidity in others.

Unknown said...

I've lost a Lot of respect for this blog for promoting this hoax.

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