Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BayouTider’s Grill & Chill now available

image As a way of honoring the memory of Richard Heaton and benefitting a University of Alabama Scholarship fund in his name, the Tidefans’ community has published BayouTider’s Grill & Chill, a cookbook containing some of Rich’s most mouthwatering recipes.

Rich was one of the founding members of Tidefans.com and passed away on August 6, 2011 after an extended illness. He was 64.

Rich was a delightful participant in the greatest Bama Nation community on the internet. He was known for his razor sharp sense of humor, his Solomonesque style of forum moderation and his incredible culinary skills.

As an amateur chef, I can’t tell you how many kitchen or BBQ disasters I avoided simply by asking him a question first or following tips he provided in the Grillin’ & Chillin’ forum. On blackening meats indoors:

“First time I tried to do a blackened dish I didn't realize how much smoke could be generated. I was doing catfish and when I put the fish in the skillet the room disappeared.

“I almost killed the parrot from smoke inhalation.”

Some really good chefs are incredible snobs. Rich was just an incredible chef and never let it go to his head. I miss him dearly already.

All net proceeds from the same of the cookbook will go to the scholarship fund. Neither I nor this blog are compensated.

Click here to order the paperback version for $17.99 + Shipping.

Click here for the e-book version for $8.99.

Try the Chicken Provolone with Eggplant Sauce. And BayouTider’s Bama Stew will be a Gameday favorite regardless of who you cheer for.  Seriously. Go get a copy and support a great cause while learning how to cook with love.

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