Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Source: ‘National Publication’ will release names of key figures in Newton scandal UPDATE: Fizzle

image Jim Morris, Editor of Tidefans Pro Sports, created a stir when he said today that a national, daily publication would release names and supporting information of key figures involved in the alleged 'pay for play' scheme involving Cam Newton.

Morris had expected the article to be released just prior to or at same time that sports analyst and oddsmaker Danny Sheridan appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network show.

Sheridan joined the show at 2:00 pm CDT to discuss the story. Sheridan made waves at SEC Media Days when he told PFRN that the NCAA already had at least one key figure in mind—the much ballyhooed “bagman.”

Sheridan appeared on the show as scheduled but under advice of counsel, declined to reveal the name of “the bagman.”

Morris made the announcement at earlier today. Follow the link.

Later, as the Sheridan segment was wrapping up, Morris apologized and said that the information he’d been given was bogus. Morris admits to getting duped, and so do I.

Morris himself is a solid, credible source. From his Tidefans Pro Sports profile:

A note from Jim Morris on what Pro Sports is all about

It’s been a while since I’ve been a contributor to, if you’re a seasoned TideFans member you may remember me. For the not-so-seasoned I may be a stranger. While I don’t consider myself an expert on the NFL I have spent every waking minute of the past five years, working behind the scenes in the PR world of the NFL.

Along the way I have established relationships with insiders, instigators, outsiders, and outlaws. While I continue to work in the NFL arena, I will be making frequent contributions to The focus will be on Alabama’s impact in the NFL and the behind the scene stories concerning the Capstone’s former stars.

It’s good to be back and I look forward to continuing the ‘free inside’ access that has made one of the best sites on the internet.

I had no problems publishing his info. Stuff like this happens from time to time.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming of sports, politics, current events and the occasional snarky farky satire.

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