Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sheridan lawyer confirms contact by NCAA

image The Mobile Press-Register reported today that Vince Kilborn, attorney for USA Today football analyst Danny Sheridan, confirms that the NCAA has contacted them and requested an interview. The report comes from the Press-Register Sports Editor Randy Kennedy.

"I can confirm that an NCAA representative called me Monday and asked to speak to my client about the whole Cam Newton matter," Kilborn said yesterday.

Two weeks ago today, Sheridan appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network after saying that he’d discovered, through NCAA sources, that league investigators had identified a “bag man” who helped recruit former Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton. However, Sheridan famously failed to reveal the name of the individual, citing “advice of counsel.” The football analyst had twice appeared on the Finebaum show regarding the Newton case. The first was an interview during SEC Media Days in Birmingham, Ala. last July. The second was a week later, in which Sheridan made the claim regarding the alleged “bag man.”

His refusal to name the individual touched off a firestorm of criticism.

"I let them know that if they wished to talk to me, I will talk to them on or off the record about subjects of mutual interest."

While Kennedy says that the “NCAA has never implicated or even confirmed” that Auburn is a target of their investigation, anyone with more than a brick for a brain understands that the 2010 National Champion is squarely in their sights. The New York Times reported in July on a famous exchange between the Head Enforcer and Auburn Coach Gene Chizik, wherein the latter was told “ask not for whom the bell tolls” and we’ll let you know when we stop tollin’.

Still, it remains unclear what Sheridan could offer the NCAA that it doesn’t already have. Sheridan says his sources for the “bag man” are insiders at the league itself. Surely NCAA President Mark Emmert doesn’t expect Sheridan to out his source and cost someone their job—that was the very reason why he refused to reveal the name two weeks ago in the Finebaum interview.

As noted last week, this bizarre case gets even more bizarre with each turn.


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