Friday, June 3, 2011

Comparing SEC Compliance Departments

Updated with the link below.

In the wake of this story regarding a recent internal audit of the Ohio State University’s Compliance Department that found it was not doing enough to monitor the use of cars, uniforms and equipment by athletes, I thought it would be a good idea to see how the SEC schools’ compliance departments “stack up.” The report linked above says that the current compliance staff at tOSU consists of six full-time employees, with two openings, bringing the full roster to eight.

How do SEC schools compare to that?

Some quite well. Others, not so much.  Here’s the list of SEC schools, ranked by the number of full time employees in the compliance department:

University of Alabama 8
Ole Miss 7
University of South Carolina 7
University of Arkansas 6
University of Florida 5
University of Georgia 4
University of Kentucky 4
Louisiana State University 4
Mississippi State University 4
University of Tennessee 4
Vanderbilt 4
Auburn University 3
SOURCES: The Athletics Department websites for each of the 12 institutions in the Southeastern Conference.

Alabama leads the conference with eight full time employees. Auburn is last with three full time employees. One has to wonder if Auburn is really behind their statement that “Compliance with NCAA and SEC rules is of utmost importance to Auburn University and its athletics department.” For God’s sake, they have fewer staffers in their compliance department than Vanderbilt.

UPDATE: Looks like *U has beefed up their compliance department recently. So they're not dead last, but I bet there's a name on this list that comes up in the news a bit later.

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Thomas said...

That can't be right. According to Jay Jacobs, the barn has the best compliance dept in the SEC

Energy Vampyre said...

The boogs outsource their compliance to that law firm Lowder uses.

Anonymous said...

And yet Alabama has been on probation for 15 straight years, which has to be a record. Maybe they need a few more, or let the ones they have do their jobs. Now there's a thought.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Alabama is reporting the smallest of potential infractions, too. They have been investigated to an extent that would have shut down many others. For this we can thank Roy Kramer.

It's odd that Auburn's compliance department is never heard from, but their retained law firm (Lightfoot Franklin) is. That's telling.

Anonymous said...

When are boogs gonna stop living in the past?

Anonymous said...

Three of Alabama's are probably employed just to keep up with the stuff flung by Auburn fans.

Anonymous said...

The "dictator" is blogging false information.

Auburn has at least 6 compliance members.

Anonymous said...


Mash it