Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog: NCAA Committee DENIES Southern Cal, affirms all penalties

Via Conquest Chronicles, a Southern Cal blog with a pretty good following.

Conquest Chronicles understands, based on multiple sources, that the NCAA has denied USC's appeal, much as Pat Haden and many others predicted they likely would. As we get more information on the ruling, we'll be keeping an eye out for reaction from with the football program, any impact on scholarships for 2011, and so on. The official stories should start to appear late today.

Nothing from any of the major news organizations yet but if CC is right, that’s only a matter of minutes.

UPDATE: Sure enough. Rivals/Yahoo! Sports is confirming, as is Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports. 

Trojan fans had pinned their hopes on the Cam Newton reinstatement decision last December, and their spirits rose even further with an equally mind-numbing reinstatement decision for Terrelle Pryor et al at Ohio State.

Alas for the Men of Troy, those weren’t decisions rendered at the end of full fledged NCAA enforcement investigations. The USC case took almost half a decade to resolve, from the first media reports of improper benefits through today’s news that their appeal had been denied.

Nearly a year ago, the NCAA Committee on Infractions released its report and included the following sanctions against the Men’s Basketball and Football programs:

  • Four years probation
  • Football hit with two-year ban on postseason play
  • Basketball hit with one-year ban on postseason play
  • Football hit with 30 scholarships over three years (10 per year) beginning in 2011
  • Football limited to 75 scholarship players on the roster for three years beginning in 2011
  • Fines and forfeitures totalling $211,200.
  • Vacation of wins, including regular and postseason wins.
  • Vacation of the 2005 Orange Bowl, where the Trojans trounced the Oklahoma Sooners for the 2004 BCS Championship.
  • Finding of "lack of institutional control."
  • Players currently enrolled and affected by the ban could transfer to any Division I school with no “sit out” penalty of one year.

In September, Reggie Bush surrendered his Heisman Trophy.

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