Friday, February 11, 2011

AUBurgeddon: How many people named Tony Paige can there be?

Auburn fans, you’d better hope to hell PRAY TO GOD that there are at least three.

Way back in November, this blog noted that during the struggles with the City of Newnan to save the Holy Zion Center for Deliverance from the heathen excavators hell bent on demolition, Bishop Cecil Newton had hired a contractor to make certain repairs to the facility:


On January 15, Cam Newton decided he wasn’t “all in” with teh fambly anymore and declared himself eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft. On January 21, after praying about it and talking it over with the good Bishop and brother Cecil, Jr., Newton hired an agent—Bus Cook of Perennial Sports.

There’s another figure connected with the Newtons who is also affiliated with Perennial. His name is Anthony (Tony) Paige. The same Tony Paige who represented big brother Cecil. That must have been one big family deliberation on who to hire, huh?

Are there two men named Tony Paige?  Looks like it, in this case. The Contractor Paige lives in the Atlanta area. The Agent Paige lives in Maryland. Who knows if they even know each other, or even know that the Newton’s know two men named Tony Paige.

Maryland is a small state, and there’s a pretty (recently) famous high school there. It’s Dematha Catholic, where Cyrus Kouandjio played prep football.  You may remember a bit of controversy surrounding his TV appearance on National Signing Day, and some of the issues surrounding his recruitment. Dematha has a pretty decent freshman football program, too.

Guess who the freshman football coach is?


Tony Paige?

Ok, for something to not be really rotten regarding how Cam Newton and Cyrus Kouandjio were recruited by Auburn, there’d have to be at least three Tony Paiges, and none of them can know each other. Contractor Tony can’t know Agent Tony.  Agent Tony can’t know Coach Tony and who knows if Contractor Tony knows Coach Tony, or something.

It all has to be one big coincidence. Do you believe in coincidences?  Do you also believe in…


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Brink said...

Somethig is kinda strange`about the uri of the Dematha FR team page. I can't find a link to that page from any of the other Dematha pages and it doesn't appear in the sports dropdown list on that page. Only Football FR(Red) and Football FR(Blue) appear in the list. Also all the Football pages have ID values in the hundred range (103, 104, 105, 159), yet the page referenced has an ID of 21 .... something funny going on here I think.

Brink said...

On doing a bit more nosing around I believe the page with ID 21 is from a previous year (2009), not the 2010 season. Tony Paige is not listed as a coach for the 2010 season.

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