Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CIA launches new Wikileaks Task Force called… WTF?


Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it's mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: W.T.F.

The irreverence is perhaps understandable for an agency that has been relatively unscathed by WikiLeaks. Only a handful of CIA files have surfaced on the WikiLeaks Web site, and records from other agencies posted online reveal remarkably little about CIA employees or operations.

Even so, CIA officials said the agency is conducting an extensive inventory of the classified information, which is routinely distributed on a dozen or more networks that connect agency employees around the world.

I am not making this up. The CIA really has launched a Wikileaks Task Force and it is actually known as WTF.

What’s next is obvious.  We’ll hear about BFD initiatives that make us LOL and get lots of Facebook likes and Twitter RT’s.

This one earns…



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