Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Alabama Crimson Tide will CRUSH the Florida Gaytors


Five reasons why Alabama should win this weekend’s rematch of the 2009 SEC Championship game, going away.

  • Defense.  Last year’s Alabama defense would simply maul you like a bear.  This year’s Alabama defense plays more like a big cat predator.  It is physical, but it is much more opportunistic.  You make a mistake, you pay with your life.
  • No Tebow.  Brantley is a great Quarterback and will be playing football on Sundays in a few years.  But he is no Tim Tebow, and neither is the freshman Trey Burton.  Neither one of these QB’s have faced such a talented, well-coached and experienced defense like the Alabama defense.
  • Mark Richardson Trent Ingram.  These two Tailbacks are as interchangeable as a Borg’s body parts.  They run over you, around you, through you and past you.  Alabama will have more than 300 yards on the ground by the final whistle, and Florida’s defensive backfield will get up looking through their helmets’ earholes.
  • Greg McElroy.  He’s not flashy.  He’s not seven feet tall.  He doesn’t weigh 275 lbs.  All he does is beat you, and he’s been doing it since puberty.
  • Nick Saban is a better game prep coach than Urban Meyer.  No one outworks Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.  He already knows which plays Florida will run out of which formations, and he’s already coaching Dont’a Hightower on how to sniff out what’s coming.

Your wild card sixth reason: Bama fans don’t wear jorts.

There ya go.  I said it.  Alabama will CRUSH Florida on Saturday and if I’m wrong, I’ll be here Sunday morning to admit it. 


rikdergis said...

I agree. Alabama should take care of business against Florida. As long as the Tide decide to run the ball (in the red zone specifically) they should dominate the game. My only real concern is Florida's secondary, they are strong and McElroy looked below average last week against Arkansas.

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