Friday, August 20, 2010

Featured in the News: World Net Daily’s Intolerance is Bad for Conservatives

World Net Daily’s Intolerance is Bad For Conservatives – I couldn’t agree more.  Anti-semitism, birtherism and intolerance for like-minded conservatives is not helpful.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Opposed to the Ground Zero? -- Tailgunner Nancy wants to know.  The resurrection of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, yo.

History suggests Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly will have Dome shining again – Love’em or hate’em, having Notre Dame back near the top is good for college football.

W.H. slammed for rosy Gulf view – Politico hates publishing stories like this, but needs to stay “relevant,” so…

White House downplays combat brigade pullout in Iraq – Shameful.  Absolutely shameful.

Organizers Say Lebanese Ship to Sail for Gaza Blockade Sunday – Sooner or later, this is going to get really, really ugly. 

Grayson On 9-11: Bush 'Let It Happen' – This dude hasn’t stopped smoking crack since Healthcare Sunday.  Congratulations, FL-08.  Is this how you want to be represented to the rest of the country?

Barney to Fannie: Drop Dead – Yeah, like an avowed socialist is gonna let Fannie or Freddie go away and take all that power with them.  This asshole is up to something. Mark my words, he’s up to something.

Gallup: Voter Enthusiasm Highest Among Conservative Republicans – Moderate Democrats are, apparently, the least likely to show up in 74 days.

Obama Having White House Redecorated During Vacation – ZOMG!  The bastiges!  Fire up the torches and fetch the pitchforks

Senator Orrin Hatch continues to push for Bowl Championships Series reform – Come on man, don’t you have better things to do? 


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