Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New government website exposed as a political spin machine

Via CNSNews.com, the regime's brand new website appears to be a handy vehicle for putting a positive spin on the government's response to the disaster.  The original website - www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com - has been operated jointly by BP and the federal government.  But late last month, the government sought greater control over the content propaganda and last week it launched a new site, www.restorethegulf.gov:

The restorethegulf.gov Web site, launched last week, describes itself as “a one-stop repository for news, data and operational updates related to the administration-wide efforts to stop the BP oil leak.”

But the Web site also touts the administration’s “quick” response to the disaster, stating that the administration has been on the scene “since the moments after the oil rig explosion” and “from the very beginning.”

Regular readers of this blog, and particularly the Deepwater Horizon Incident Timeline page hosted here, should be shaking their heads in disbelief or rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter.  You will recall that El Presidente didn't have a political WTF moment until April 29, when NOAA quintupled its estimates of the oil flow and projected that the oil would be coming ashore in Lousiana by the following weekend.  You will also recall that the regime said Obama would not visit the Gulf Coast, then panicked and reversed course.

He didn't declare this a spill of national significance until nine days after the event, didn't name an Incident Commander until 11 days afterwards, and didn't arrive himself until 12 days afterwards.

From "day one," it was apparent that the federal government was caught flat-footed and ill prepared for such a large event.  That's understandable, since the regime approved horribly flawed drilling and oil spill response plans in June of 2009 and had no idea what was unfolding a mile below the surface.

State and local officials have made an almost daily litany of complaints about the government's response, ranging from obstructionism in blocking protection measures in Louisiana, to the failure to deploy skimming equipment in Mississippi to the confiscation of booming materials in Alabama.

Obama has made four trips to the Gulf Coast since the panic attack in late April.  But he's also had at least six fundraising appearances and played golf nine times since the spill began.  Only El Presidente's most ardent, most partisan and most blindly loyal supporters could argue that Barack Obama's handling of this crisis hasn't been an unmitigated disaster "since day one."

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