Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ZOMG! Mark Richt has done gone Nick Saban, or something

UGA Coach Mark Richt placed Alexander Ogletree on a medical hardship waiver, effectively ending his football career with the Bulldogs. The program cited “undisclosed medical reasons” as the basis for the decision.

What’s the big deal with that, you ask? Well, Georgia pulled in 33 players in the 2013 signing class.

In other words, Georgia “oversigned,” a practice that the Atlanta area media have tried to slam Alabama coach Nick Saban on repeatedly.

So, I’m just going to leave this link right here, and give you a quote from it that drips with hypocrisy.

“We will not over-sign at Georgia, either," McGarity said.

Oh, and then there’s this juicy little tidbit from Richt himself:

"We could always get into a situation where we oversign, but there's no way I could look at a kid and his parents and say, 'We had some room, but now we really don't.' I just think you have to be careful," Richt told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Signing Day. "I don't want to oversign, then tell one of the kids we've already got, 'You've got no value to us' and toss him aside. I'm not going to do that."

How do you like Mark Richt now,

We eagerly anticipate the 700-word column in tomorrow’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, castigating Richt for following in the footsteps of the evil dark lord of roster management.


Leather Helmet Blog said...

Funny post but there was no oversigning. UGA never had more than 85 signed and Ogletree's departure leaves them at 84 by my count.

RxDawg said...

Hey ec :) And no, UGA did not over sign. Saban took all our rb's from us, so we couldn't over sign. However, having 95 scholarship roster players is over signing. Now who could be in that predicament? Hmmm,

Redman said...

Somebody got their numbers screwed up. Georgia sitting at present with 64 scholarship players including the 13 early enrolees. 20 more due in in summer making 84n total. Guess the guilty try to look at others to ease the guilt.

ATLFAN said...

RXDawg, produce a l"CONFIRMED, CURRENT list of Alabama scholarship players or just shut up. You have no proof of your 95 number other than the rag articles from CBS, AJC, and Yahoo, which even note in their fine print that the articles were written based off of best guess. What the column above should have noted was the moral outrage that Richt and McGarity had over the 25 per year and then to sign 33 in short order.

GulfCoastBamaFan said...

I think y'all might be missing the intent of this blog post. It's not to flag Georgia or Richt for oversigning, or anyone else for that matter. It's to flag the oversigning critics for trying to find a problem that really didn't exist before the Big 10 and their media allies realized that their own restrictive rules placed them at a disadvantage.

There have been a few notable and high profile incidents where a kid was left out in the cold. But the number of guys who were able to get things worked out and make it to class and on the field VASTLY outnumbers the ones treated poorly.

Going into signing day, both Richt and Saban had a very good idea who was coming back and who was moving on. They're both really much better at this than we know or that the media gives them credit for.

The whole oversigning debate is pointless and is nothing more that a solution in search of a problem.

EC_Dawg got it, but he's old and wise like me. ;)

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