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Where Rumors Sometimes Come True™ is a blog that takes a lot of pride in avoiding the chase of the latest rumor on Twitter, message boards and talk radio. More times than not, those rumors turn out to be completely bogus. But every now and then, something will come along in the context of a larger story that sheds new light or provides a different angle on the topic of current interest.

The main blog posts will still consist of information IBCR readers can trust as the most accurate available. The information found on this page should always be taken with a grain of salt and always viewed in the context it's provided. On occasion, when the information found here can be verified, it may be promoted to the main blog by one of the authors or the administrator.

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12/03/12: The University of Southern Mississippi has offered Bobby Petrino their head coaching job and there may be an agreement in principle, according to a reliable source. If verified, this entry will be promoted to the main blog.

09/07/12: We can confirm via multiple sources that investigative assets remain in Memphis, looking into recruiting practices of various schools; involving multiple players and not necessarily those you've already read about. And, most interestingly, these are not necessarily NCAA "assets."

08/26/12: Sources in Memphis say that a man known as "RDH" provided numerous improper benefits to recruits and served as the middleman in the purchase of Mississippi State freshman Will Redmond's vehicle. In other news, as is their usual strategy, the NCAA has asked all parties in the Memphis investigation to not reveal specifics of their conversations. Hence, no press conferences from 7x7 coaches.

08/09/12: Rumors are swirling about illicit recruiting practices in Memphis and south Florida. Roy Adams--a figure central in Alabama's Albert Means recruiting scandal--claims to have knowledge of grade changes and improper benefits for a recent Memphis player who signed with Auburn. Other sources claim to have knowledge of improper benefits to players from south Florida who also signed with Auburn. Developing...

06/29/12: Separate sources say that the once promising Duron Carter will not play for Alabama. poster says the information came "directly from the mouth of Coach Saban."


05/09/12: Separate sources say that former Auburn defensive lineman and current Detroit player Nick Fairley told NFL investigators that the Lions' bounty program was "nothing like we had at Auburn." Lions and Tigers?

03/27/12: Nick Saban confirms interest expressed by other programs. Rumors circulating include offers being made by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Contrary to popular legend, no one in the state of Texas reached out.

01/30/12: Sources indicate that several programs are asking "what will it take" to lure Nick Saban from Alabama.

12/09/11: Gus Malzahn has emerged as a leading candidate for the Arkansas State head coaching job. UPDATE: Confirmed.

12/06/11: Alabama Assistant Jim McElwain has emerged as a leading candidate for both the Memphis and Fresno State head coaching jobs.

11/16/11: Various internet reports indicate that Gus Malzahn has "emerged" as the leading candidate for the North Carolina job. However, additional sources tell IBCR that (1) Malzahn remains a strong #2 on UNC's list and (2) that all "interested" candidates have expressed a desire to have more information on the school's pending NCAA sanctions before agreeing to any terms.

11/07/11: Rumors from North Carolina ratchet up now that Ole Miss is entering the coaching market with Houston Nutt's ouster. The program is said to be very interested in Gus Malzahn.

10/21/11: Kevin McDermond of the Senior Bowl says that North Carolina is interested in Auburn Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn and Tulane is interested in LSU Assistant Frank Wilson. The Tulane - Wilson interest is said to be mutual.

10/14/11: Sources indicate that Auburn's legal team made sure that the NCAA's Dave Didion was not involved in its recent investigation of Cam Newton. Didion had been Auburn's Compliance Director and was rumored to have meddled in the school's basketball case and had an "axe to grind" with the program.

10/12/11: Multiple independent sources advise that two SEC coaching staffs -- Auburn and Ole Miss -- are mired in disagreement over depth chart issues and head coaching decisions.

10/11/11: Sources: The Missouri athletic, coaching and administrative staff are not unanimous on the value of a move to the SEC. But there is a solid majority of alumni, moneyed boosters and fans in favor of the move.

09/30/11: Internet traffic data and URL monitoring information show that the "source" currently stalking Alabama football players is the same "source" that provided documents to in its aborted story on Brent Calloway.

09/29/11: Missouri continues to warm to the possibility of joining the SEC, while both TCU and BYU are rumored to be interested in joining the Big 12. Reference the entry from

09/23/11. CONFIRMED: TCU has agreed to join the Big 12.

09/23/11: "If we're going to multiple super conferences, someone who's not in a BCS AQ conference must get an upgrade. There are several schools that are 'there.' "

09/21/11: "Stability" in the Big 12, including a sourced report in the KC Star that Dan Beebe will resign as commissioner, likely will not end speculation that Missouri will join the SEC.

09/21/11: Sources tell IBCR that the purported "gentlemen's agreement" between SEC Presidents keeping the SEC from inviting or accepting schools from states or regions where the conference already has a presence isn't an agreement at all. It's more a lack of consensus among schools as to the value certain schools might bring. And, the SEC office will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the agreement.

09/20/11: Missouri says it has an offer from the SEC, but that it's contingent upon the fate of the Big 12.  This seems to confirm the previous day's rumor that "refugee" programs are on the table.

09/19/11: Rumors persist that SEC officials are in conversation with Big 12 and Big East "refugee" programs Missouri, West Virginia "and at least one more."

09/13/11: Despite public statements to the contrary, Southeastern Conference officials have indeed reached out to a number of potential expansion candidates, including schools that have vehemently denied such contact.